Herbed Italian Peppercorn

Herbed Italian Peppercorn


Herbed Italian Peppercorn
Mild and balanced, but with distinct pepper undertones and floral overtones. The garlic gives this infusion a deep flavor, alongside the complex earthy and green tastes, invoking a fresh yet rustic sense. These complimentary ingredients improve the taste of sauteed vegetables, fish or poultry, enhancing the fat soluble flavors with their rich essences.
Infused with garlic, rosemary, oregano and peppercorns.
Bottled seasonings include parsley flakes, onion flakes and kosher salt.
7oz. (210ml)



  • Sautéing or slow roasting vegetables
  • Brushed over raw poultry or fish prior to cooking
  • With red wine vinegar as a light vinaigrette over salad greens
  • A dipping oil for artisan breads
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